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“A Day of Fun, a World to Explore: Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids ”

Rainy days that spoil outdoor plans in the spring and summer may prevent kids from having fun in the sun from time to time, and if you’re a parent trying to keep your children occupied on these wet days, the internet is both friend and ally, a dynamic outlet for their energy and creativity. No one would advise letting kids access just any website without doing some homework in advance. Fortunately, an hour or two of internet searching will lead you to some perfectly safe and wholesome online activities that’ll provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. Many of them contain enough of an educational quotient to reassure parents who are concerned about their kids being exposed to the more unsavory sites out there, such as these clever real estate lesson plans or these fun geology lesson plans (which can be done indoors).

If you don’t think you can entice your children into sitting down with actual school-based lessons, you still have plenty of options for keeping them entertained. If you can keep your kids away from the gaming console, social media, and the text function on their smartphones for a few fun and interactive hours, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve shown them a healthy way to burn off all that excess energy in ways that don’t involve shooting down aliens or engaging in virtual street violence.

Making stuff

Kids love making things with their own hands. Do-it-yourself science projects allow them to combine substances in ways that produce cool reactions and impart a lesson or two. Watch their faces light up as they transform ordinary household items such as duct tape into alphabet-shaped magnets with nothing more than a pair of scissors, a few magnets and some cardboard. How about learning to make some duct tape flowers on YouTube that look like the real deal? It’s an inexpensive and creative way to spend a rainy day indoors.

Get ‘em moving

For decades, kids have loved showing off their hottest new dance routines. TV dance programs may not be as hot as they once were, but children can still pick up some new moves as they dance along to some of today’s most popular songs. The internet’s also a good source of dance videos for younger children, who benefit from physical movement and coordination-enhancing videos.

Learning to play

Music is another good way to keep kids engrossed while they’re stuck indoors. Introduce your children to different instruments and the free lessons that many musical websites offer. Children can learn about everything from the piano and violin to the drums and guitar.

Kids Guitar Zone offers a number of free guitar lessons. Children learn how to hold the instrument, use a pick, and manipulate the strings to create notes and chords before launching into playing songs. If your family has a piano, you’ve got a ready-made activity. Hoffman Academy posts an array of free lessons designed to get your kids interested in learning to play.

Little artists

If your little artists like to express their creativity on your walls, the internet can provide plenty of free tutorials and lessons designed to interest children in creating art on paper, allowing them to show off their skills with everything from crayons to paint brushes. They’ll learn to create figures by drawing shapes and putting them together. You can join in the fun by encouraging your kids to try drawing a likeness of the whole family … or they could just start with the family dog.


Kids also love to bake their favorite sweet treats. Why not have them research a foreign country, then help them create a dish that’s indigenous to that country?

A day of exploration

A little research can set your kids up with wholesome games and lessons that’ll have them asking for more, and transform a day stuck indoors into an exploration into new artistic and musical territory. Who knows? You may end up setting your child on the path to a career in the arts and a life of creative endeavor.


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